Business Audits and "Tune up" Service for existing businesses

‘’If you measure it – you can do something about it’’

Ashlar Solutions understand how a business grows – it grows in an organic way due to success or customer demands, due to costs or problems encountered, and is coloured by the personality of the entrepreneur and the staff it employs. Like most things in life or nature, there are defined stages in the ‘’life cycle of a business’’. But as a business develops you are usually too busy to step back and look strategically at how the business has developed, or how the structure has grown. What parts are useful? What parts could be improved? Where can efficiencies be made and profits increased?

It is a great idea to get in an experienced manager to take an unbiased look at how you are doing and what you have achieved. Some points you will know already (but just did not get round to dealing with yet), some points you will be pleased to learn and some points may not be so desirable. But all points should be viewed by the effective manager as progressive steps towards success. Your staff will feel more at ease talking to an objective ‘’expert’’ - they may be happy to make suggestions or flag up problems that they were not comfortable talking directly to you about. You will receive an objective report on all areas of your business, measured against established business standards, an overview of your success so far and a suggested list of points that, like building blocks, when implemented, will help you to further build your successful business.

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